Styled Photoshoot: Black and White Swiss Cross

Collaborating with other creatives is such a “plus.” I especially love it when my work can complement theirs. When we started planning this little styled product photoshoot, Cyle, from Hope Farm, Co., and I had no idea that we would have so much fun. We used beautiful products from her Etsy shop to style this modern, minimalist, black and white Swiss Cross adorned affair.

We started with her wooden reversible Swiss Cross garland and her wooden Swiss Cross cake topper. I made a chocolate semi-naked cake with buttercream frosting and a yummy Homemade Cream Soda mocktail. We put together a simple cheese and fruit plate, added some wine and a few other props to make this lovely scene.

Cyle’s lovely black and white Swiss Cross garland would work for weddings, party decor, nursery or home decor…and so much more. It’s so fun and modern. Call it a plus sign or call it a cross with Swedish (this cross is a Swedish folk art symbol of HOPE), Nordic or Swiss origins….I just think Cyle nailed it with this fresh, minimalist shape.



black_and_white_(5_of_43) black_and_white_(21_of_43)

black_and_white_(28_of_43) black_and_white_(8_of_43)

black_and_white_(3_of_43) black_and_white_(7_of_43) black_and_white_(15_of_43) black_and_white_(20_of_43) black_and_white_(23_of_43) black_and_white_Swiss_Cross_4 black_and_white_(34_of_43) black_and_white_Swiss_Cross_3 black_and_white_Swiss_Cross_2

black_and_white_(16_of_43) black_and_white_(26_of_43) black_and_white_(43_of_43) black and white Swiss Cross1 wine_handa_(1_of_1)

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