Stock the Bar Party! The Full Story

A little over a month ago, we helped host a Stock the Bar party for our friends, Aerial and JD. I had so much fun planning this party! We hosted this party with two other couples.

Since their wedding theme is nautical, we decided to use a nautical theme for this party as well.

We used navy and glittery gold for the main colors.


My friend, Heather, did almost all of the food. She did an amazing job! Everything she made was fresh and vegetarian.  It was really nice to be able to focus just on decorations, but it was even better that she made such yummy dishes.

The menu included: Brie with Roasted Garlic on Toast Points, Smoked Salmon with Capers, Red Onion and Cream Cheese, Edamame Dip, Bruschetta, Grilled Asparagus with Goat Cheese wrapped with Zucchini served with a Roasted Red Pepper Dip, Risotto Stuffed Mushrooms, Goat Cheese, Cranberry and Walnut Canapes, Radish and Hummus Canapes, an Antipasto Platter, Fruit Pizzas, Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Butterfinger Cupcakes.

That’s right, Butterfinger Cupcakes!

stock the bar, Butterfinger cupcakes

I used this recipe from Your Cup of Cake. I made some changes which I would be happy to elaborate on later.

With it being a stock the bar party, I really wanted the bar to be cute! We had a wide variety of mixers and liquors, as well as beer and wine. I had the makings for this Raspberry Vanilla Mocktail that we found on The Dandy Life. Our friend and other hostess, Kimberly, brought the makings for Cosmos, the bride-to-be’s favorite cocktail.

Kimberly came up with the cutest favors! She found these little bottles with corks and filled them with sand and tiny seashells. Each bottle included a little “thank you” message from the sweet couple. It was the perfect ending to our night!
I can’t wait for Aerial and JD’s wedding in a few weeks!
stock the bar, favors


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