Beautiful and Simple Veggie Tray

Last week, I hosted a meet-up for small business creatives. It was a very casual event where everyone was bringing a dish or a beverage. Because I was hosting, I wanted to have a few extra things on hand, too…just in case. So, I decided to put together this beautiful and simple veggie tray with hummus and Ranch dip.

I love doing simple appetizers like fruit and cheese or veggies and hummus.

#1 They are so easy to prepare. I buy everything pre-made, including the dips!

#2 If you have leftovers, you can eat them later or use them in other dishes.

Fresh and simple appetizers make life easy. They also make it pretty! You can let the natural colors and flavors shine through and you come off looking like a rock star. I walked through the produce section of my local grocery and just looked for inspiration. I wanted a few vegetables that could serve as bowls for dips. Green cabbage was on sale and it looked so pretty. Sweet peppers were also on sale! Both of these were easy to hollow out to make lovely vessels for hummus and a Ranch dip. I used the outer leaves of the cabbage to serve as cups for the other vegetables. I placed everything on a Cedar tree slice to make it look pretty and rustic. I would eat my veggies everyday if they were served like this.

veggietray (1 of 6)

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