GA-FL Gender Reveal

If you live in Georgia or Florida or really anywhere in SEC territory, you know that this is a BIG week in college football. Georgia and Florida, heated rivals, face off in Jacksonville, FL at what is often dubbed “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.” Living in Coastal Georgia, we see a huge influx of fans that weekend. In fact, St. Simons has become a hot spot for college kids that weekend.

So, what happens when a Florida girl marries a Georgia guy like my friends Kimberly and Karl? Well, for one thing, there’s one day a year that they don’t get along. There maybe be two or three days after that, too, depending on how chippy the winner is and how sore the loser is.

Another thing that happens, is they have a GA-FL themed gender reveal party! My friend, Aerial, came up with this genius idea to exploit Karl and Kimberly’s house-divided status and make a really CUTE party at the same time. I have always wanted to do a gender reveal party, so I was so happy to help out!

The question of the day: Gator Girl or Bulldog boy?

Georgia Florida Gender reveal party

This big box held the verdict! It doubled as a “centerpiece” until it was time to reveal. Aerial and I were the only ones who knew what team the baby favored. It was quite fun to have that honor!

Georgia Florida Gender reveal party

Aerial whipped a ton of yummy tailgate snacks. We had wings, Buffalo chicken dip, sliders, pigs in a blanket and more!

Aerial even came up with signature cocktails representing each team!

Georgia-Florida gender reveal party

I amassed a ton of Georgia and Florida fan gear, which isn’t hard to do in this part of the world. I had friends who were very happy to lend their stuff. Guests could choose their team by their plate and utensils.

Kimberly and Karl invited friends and family to be there when they found out the gender of their baby. This is baby numero dos for them. They have a gorgeous 4 year old son, Jackson, and he had quite a few little friends there as well.

Georgia-Florida gender reveal party

After “tailgating” for a bit, it was time for the big reveal….would baby be a Gator Girl or a Bulldog Boy??

Georgia-Florida gender reveal party

Ta-da! Bulldog Boy! It’s another sweet boy for Kimberly and Karl and baby brother for Jackson.

Georgia Florida

They are all thrilled and anxiously awaiting little their little guy’s arrival in February 2015.

We made sure guests left with a sweet little parting favor. Puppy Chow for the Bulldog Boy!

Georgia Florida Gender Reveal party favor

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